Evangelical leaders like John Piper and Beth Moore are warning evangelicals about voting for Donald Trump. Should they not, instead, be warning their followers about the Democrat Party's official rejection of God and America's founding values?

Psalm 33:12 says, Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD and Psalm 9:17 warns, The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.

America’s founders believed this, and all agreed with James Madison, chief architect of the U.S. Constitution, when he wrote,

The belief in a God All Powerful, wise and good, is so essential to the moral order of the world and to the happiness of man, that arguments which enforce it cannot be drawn from too many sources nor adapted with too much solicitude to the different characters and capacities impressed with it (Hyatt, 1726: The Year that Defined America, 111).

The DNC Rejects God

Sadly, the Democrat Party has rejected the God of the Bible and America’s founders. In 2019, for example, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) unanimously passed a resolution affirming atheism and declaring that neither Christianity nor any religion is necessary for morality or patriotism.

On August 24 of 2020, the DNC doubled down on their rejection of God by passing another resolution praising the values of the "religiously unaffiliated." This resolution was championed by the Secular Coalition of America, an organization that lobbies on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanists on public policy.

The Democrat Party’s rejection of God has drawn no criticism from party stalwarts such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, or Joe Biden. We can only assume that they support the statement of the DNC that God and Christianity are not needed for the nation’s success.

This should come as no surprise since the Democrat Party, for some time, has supported the removal of Ten Commandment displays, crosses, and other Christian symbols from public property. When President Obama spoke at Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, he demanded that the Christian symbol behind the podium where he was to speak be removed.

The Democrat Party has officially turned its back on the America that is, “One Nation under God.” They have rejected the America whose national motto is “In God We Trust.” In its place they want to build a secularist, Marxist, socialist utopia.

Donald Trump Embraces God

To the surprise of many, Donald Trump has gone in the opposite direction as the Democrat Party. He openly acknowledges God and Christ and has no reservations about public prayers and Christian declarations.

For example, in a cabinet meeting that was broadcast live, Trump sent the mainstream media into a frenzy when he asked Ben Carson to open the meeting in prayer. Mike Pence has said that it is normal for Trump, at the beginning of a cabinet meeting, to turn to him or one of the cabinet members and ask them to open in prayer.

I know that many of you doubt the integrity of his actions in this regard. I once shared those same concerns. I am now convinced it is real. According to James Dobson, Trump was led to Christ in early 2016 by a Christian businessman. Dobson says that he prayed a prayer committing his life to Christ.

That should not be hard to believe given Trump’s open acknowledgments of God and his defense of Christian values and religious liberty. 

At a large Trump rally in Florida, First Lady Melania Trump opened by leading the massive crowd in reciting the Lord’s Prayer. In another large rally, someone passed out and those close by began praying for the person until the medics arrived. Trump put his speech on pause and affirmed the ones who were praying. Suddenly, the vast crowd burst forth singing “Amazing Grace.” It was a surreal moment!

At Easter 2020, the president gave an inspiring address to the nation from the Oval Office in which he gave glory to God and acknowledged the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He then invited a black pastor, Bishop Harry Jackson, to read the Scriptures and pray. Jackson prayed a powerful prayer for America from the Oval Office and ended it “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

I cannot imagine any of the above happening at a Joe Biden rally, or any Democrat rally.

Their Irrational Rejection of Trump

Those few evangelicals who oppose Trump seem to be denying the very grace of God that they preach. Yes, Trump is a flawed human being. Yes, he often comes across as arrogant and braggadocious. Is God’s grace not sufficient for Trump and his human deficiencies?

Trump’s compassion is seen more in his actions and policies than his words. Just last night I listened to a young black man, who had just been released from prison, giving sincere thanks to the president for his prison reform policies that had allowed him to go free. There are a multitude of such examples in his presidency.

The idea that a “Christian” should sit this one out or vote for Joe Biden because they do not like the president’s personality and tweets, is shallow, irrational, and denies the sovereign grace of God at work in Donald Trump and America.

This article was derived in part from Dr. Eddie Hyatt's book, 5 Reasons I Changed My Mind About Donald Trump. He is also the author of 1726: The Year that Defined America, which documents how the Great Awakening (1726-70) had a direct bearing on the founding of America and the end of slavery on this continent. His books are avaialable from Amazon and his website at www.eddiehyatt.com.


  1. What's the "Democrat Party"? I've never heard of that alleged organization. Sure, I'm aware of the Republican Party (found in 1854), but I have no idea what the "Democrat Party" is.