I did not vote for Donald Trump in the Texas primary, but as I watched him being endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson, I thought they both came across as presidential. As I watched I was also reminded of something an Indian pastor said to me shortly after Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980.
It was 1983 and I was ministering in India for the first time. During a conversation I was surprised to hear a leading Indian pastor say, “We all felt much safer when Ronald Reagan was elected president.” I was surprised because I did not realize that a person’s sense of safety in India could be affected by who happens to be president of the United States.
As I listened to Carson and Trump, and thought on the words of this Indian pastor, I suddenly realized that this election may well be determined by the prayers of Christians, not in America, but in other countries.
For example, could it be that this election will be determined by the prayers of Christians in the Middle East who are crying out to God for deliverance from the slaughter of their families and communities by ISIS? Could it be that God is hearing their cries and will give them the president who will be most determined and adamant in destroying this terrorist organization that is seeking to wipe them from the face of the earth? Could it be?
As Americans, we tend to think that the universe revolves around us and that God has only our concerns in mind, especially during our own elections. God, however, loves the world and those families in the Middle East crying out for deliverance are very much in his thoughts as He providentially guides the destiny of nations.

So as I watched Dr. Ben Carson endorse Donald Trump, and probably hand him the presidency, the thought occurred to me that this election will likely be determined by the prayers, not of Christians in America, but of Christians in other countries, particularly in the Middle East.

Dr. Eddie Hyatt is an author, historian and ordained minister. He has a vision for another great Spiritual awakening in America and around the world. His books on revival and Christian renewal can be purchased from Amazon and from his website at www.eddiehyatt.com.



Political pundits and Christian leaders alike are bewildered by the fact that Donald Trump is having such success with evangelical voters. After all, he does not have a “born-again” sort of history and recently admitted that he had never asked for forgiveness. What could it be that draws evangelicals to Trump?
The pundits are befuddled because they do not understand the depth of frustration and anger evangelicals feel towards the political establishment. Evangelicals feel “walked-on” by Obama and the Democrats and betrayed by the Republicans whom they elected and sent to Congress. They feel that their voice is ignored by both Democrats and Republicans and they are fed up with politics as usual.
I recently saw this frustration and anger first-hand in a Bible study I was leading. I am a non-political sort of person who seeks to present the gospel message free from the taint of divisive, political wrangling. But as we prepared to pray for America on this occasion, I asked those present for their thoughts on the condition of the country. I was surprised at the depth of frustration and anger that came forth toward both Democrats and Republicans. It was an eye-opening experience.
Based on what I heard that evening, here are 5 reasons many evangelicals are embracing Donald Trump.
1.       Evangelicals feel betrayed by the Republican majority whom they elected and sent to Washington D.C. to stop Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the nation. They see the Republican majority whom they elected as being feckless, timid and ineffective. They find this very frustrating and they see Trump as someone with the backbone to stand up to the Democrats.
2.       Evangelicals are appalled at this president’s use of executive orders to by-pass Congress and further his liberal agenda, and they are disheartened at the ineffectiveness of Congress to stand against this misuse of power. One person in the Bible study asked with great intensity, “Why doesn’t somebody stop him?” Many evangelicals see Trump as the one who will do just that.
3.       Evangelicals feel they have lost their voice and that America is no longer a nation of “we the people,” but a nation being run by a liberal president, a few black-robed, liberal justices and an army of unelected, government bureaucrats. They felt this deeply when five, unelected, liberal justices struck down the state laws instituted by “we the people” that had defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. They are looking for a strong “voice” in Washington D.C. and, right or wrong, many see Trump as providing that voice.
4.       Evangelicals are dismayed to see this administration’s hostility towards everything Christian in the public square, with attempts to ban public prayers and the display of Christian symbols on federal and state property. They see this president ordering the removal of Christian symbols from behind the podium when he speaks at a Catholic University and dispensing with the traditional “Christmas tree” and calling it a “Holiday tree.” This trend is very disturbing to evangelicals. In spite of Trump’s non-evangelical past, they hear his bold promise to reverse this trend.
 5.      Evangelicals are very concerned about national security and they see this president as being na├»ve and in a state of denial by his refusal to use the words “Islamic terrorist.” They see his tepid and flippant attitude toward ISIS, and they realize this weak approach has left that terrorist organization free to slaughter thousands of Christians in the Middle East. Because of this, they do not trust him or his party to protect them from Islamic extremists. 
When Trump, therefore, says, “we have stupid leaders in Washington D.C.,” he is expressing what many evangelicals deeply feel. When he says, “I will defend Christianity,” evangelicals are grateful for they have seen and experienced the growing hostility toward Christians during the Obama administration. When Trump emphatically declares, “I will destroy ISIS,” evangelicals respond with enthusiasm for they are very concerned about national security and frustrated by the Obama administration’s tepid and flippant response to Islamic terrorism.
I have not been a Trump supporter and did not vote for him in the recent Texas primary. Nonetheless, it is obvious to even me that he is addressing with clarity and force the deep frustration and anger being felt by evangelicals.
The Republican establishment would, therefore, be wise to dispense with their scorched-earth plan to destroy Trump and his candidacy. They will only hurt themselves and the party and nation they claim to love. Why not, instead, seek to understand why these millions of good, decent Americans are so frustrated and angry? Why not seek to address those concerns with a bold, proactive vision and plan? Why not?

The Duty of Christian Citizens

In the midst of a particularly nasty, political season, we as Christians must remember that we are also citizens and representative of another and higher kingdom. As members of God’s family and citizens of His kingdom, we are held to a higher standard, regardless of which candidate we support. We must be salt and light in the midst of the nastiness, crudeness, and political posturing, as Jesus commanded in Matthew 5:13-16.
Let us also remember that when God visited this planet 2000 years ago in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, He did not identify with any of the numerous political and religious parties that were then existing in Israel. How could He? His purpose and kingdom transcended all earthly politics. He had not come to take sides, but to take over. He is Lord!
So during this election season let’s not forget to pray the prayer that Jesus gave us to pray—a prayer that expresses that transcendent vision He left us. My wife, Dr. Susan Hyatt, is right. It is a prayer for revival and Spiritual awakening in the land.

Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt is an author, teacher and ordained minister who has a vision for another Great Awakening in America and around the world. His books on Biblical faith and Spiritual awakening are available from Amazon and from his website at www.eddiehyatt.com.