I have created a NEW BLOG, on which it is much easier to post comments. I just posted an article entitled "SPIRITUAL WARFARE MADE SIMPLE" with a subtitle of "Christ's Victory, Satan's Defeat, Our Responsibility." Below is an excerpt from the article which can be viewed at www.biblicalawakening.com. I am interested in your comments about the blog and the article.

I recall hearing the elder statesman of miracle evangelism, Dr. T. L. Osborn, tell about preaching in an outdoor crusade in Africa. Many thousands were in attendance including hundreds of witch doctors who had come there to work their incantations and magic against the foreign preacher. Before going on the platform, the supporting pastors wanted to lay hands on him and pray for his protection from the devil. T. L. refused their prayer. He said, “I would not insult my Lord in that way.” T. L. focused his attention on preaching the good news of Jesus that day and many came to Christ and many were miraculously set free from all kinds of illnesses and bondages. And some Christian pastors realized that they did not have to be preoccupied with, and afraid of, the devil.   
To read the complete article, click this link.   http://www.biblicalawakening.com