NBC stalwart, Chuck Todd, recently went on a rant against the idea that our rights as American citizens come from God. He played a recording of Judge Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for senator from Alabama, in which Moore declared, “Our rights don’t come from government; they don’t come from the Bill of Rights; they come from Almighty God.”
Todd appeared flabbergasted at such an “ominous” idea and suggested that Judge Moore, “Doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution as it’s written.” Todd obviously does not understand that the idea of God as the Source of our rights comes directly from the Declaration of Independence. But what is disconcerting is that he describes those who think this way as dangerous and almost un-American.
But if our rights do not come from God, from whence do they come? A king? A pope? The news media? Whoever happens to hold governmental power at a given time? Some might answer, "the democratic majority." History, however, has shown that without transcendent moral restraints the majority can become a mob that runs roughshod over the rights of those in the minority.
This is why the book, Pilgrims and Patriots, is so vital at this time in our nation’s history. It is why “Revive America” events are so important for they have the potential to unleash another Great Awakening that turns this nation back to God.
Here is a quote from page 130 of Pilgrims and Patriots concerning the Founders' view on this matter of the Source of our rights.
“Jefferson, Franklin and the other Founders saw human rights as having a transcendent source, that being, God Himself. They and their forebears had suffered the loss of their rights, and their being given or taken at the whim of a monarch, pope or bishop. In this new nation, they were determined to fix them in a place beyond human reach. Government, they insisted, did not exist to give or take away rights, but to protect those rights already given by God."
Eddie Hyatt

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