You are probably aware of the various predictions being made concerning cataclysmic events at the end of September. How seriously should we take these predictions? How much should we alter our normal way of life because of them?
The Jupiter Effect - 1982
This situation reminds me of a similar setting and comparable wide-spread concern that occurred in 1982 when, for the first time, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all aligned on the same side of the sun.
The British astrophysicist, John Gribbin, wrote a book entitled The Jupiter Effect, published in 1972, in which he predicted that the accumulated force of gravity produced by the alignment would cause catastrophes on the earth, including a giant earthquake at the San Andreas fault. This would happen, he predicted, on March 10, 1982 when all the planets came into alignment.
Prophets and prophecy teachers had a heyday with this, writing books and producing audio and video recordings in which they associated the coming eerie planetary alignment with end-time events prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. Many were convinced that world-wide disasters would occur on that day. Many thought the rapture would take place and the tribulation period would begin. 

But all the sensationalized predictions and claims turned out to be false. March 10 came and went with nothing unusual happening.
Rosh Hashanah - 1988
And who can forget 1988 and the book 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will be in 1988, written by Edgar Whisennant, a NASA engineer and Bible prophecy student. The book sold 4.5 million copies and created a great stir among evangelicals and charismatics.
Using sophisticated sounding arguments, Whisenant predicted that Jesus would return sometime during the Jewish holiday of Rosh-Hashanah in 1988, which was from sunset September 11 to sunset September 13. I recall expressing skepticism about the book's claims to my mother and her reply that, "He sounds very convincing."
Many agreed with my mother for as the predicted date approached the Trinity Broadcasting Network interrupted regular programming to give instructions on how to be prepared for the rapture. Some “Christians” maxed out their credit cards thinking they would leave their debt to the Anti-Christ system. Some had their pets put to sleep so they would not suffer the terrible events of the tribulation. But Rosh-Hashanah 1988 also passed with nothing out of the ordinary occurring.
Remember Y2K - 2000?
We could also talk about Y2K and the predictions of economic and social collapse with the dawn of the new century. It was the talk of Christian radio and TV. More books were written and some got rich from the sale of survival kits and dried foods. One good friend sold her belongings and moved to Australia because of fear produced by those predictions. But like those before it, Y2K also passed with no unusual occurrences.  
Don’t Panic!
What am I saying? Am I suggesting that we discount everything that is being said in this regard? No, but I am saying that we should not panic and alter our normal way of life merely because of these predictions. My friend, Pastor Myles Holmes says, “There is enough darkness, perversion, violence, immorality, evil and economic instability all around us to make any day a disaster. Be ready, the King is coming!”
The worst thing that can happen to us is that we will die. We are going to die anyway, so why not throw off fear and boldly go where no one has gone before. Why not believe God to do great things in the days ahead, right in the midst of any catastrophes that may, or may not, occur.
My Plans for September
What will I be doing the latter part of September? I will be conducting a “Revive America” event at Christian Life Assembly of God in Picayune, Mississippi September 27-28. I will be alert and listen to the Spirit, but I will not alter my schedule because of these predictions. Nor will I alter my faith for another Great Awakening in America and around the world. I am convinced more than ever that such an Awakening is going to happen in the days ahead. What do you think?

Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt is an author, historian and Bible teacher. He has written numerous books on Spiritual awakening, church, and church history. You can check out all his books on Amazon at his Author's Page. To read about his vision for another Great Awakening, check out his website at www.eddiehyatt.com

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