“Taking Back America” by Teaching the True Origins of Our Nation
While we have been asleep, the enemy has been in the process of robbing us of our identity as a nation. Millions of children and adults in schools and colleges throughout our land are being taught that America’s Founders were a collection of rich slave owners, mostly Deists and agnostics, who created a secular state and put up a “wall of separation” to keep out any input or influence from people of faith. This is dangerous and deadly because a people derive their identity from their history. When conquering nations have wanted to assimilate the conquered into their own society, they have begun by cutting them off from their past. Within 2 or 3 generations the people with no history have no sense of who they are and are then easily assimilated into a new and different culture. This is what Karl Marx was referring to when he said, “People without a heritage are easily persuaded.” This is happening in America today!
It is not too late to “Take America Back” by teaching the true history and heritage of America, and I believe America’s Revival Heritage can play a key role in this. I envision pastors and preachers preaching from it in pulpits across America. I envision Christian schools and colleges incorporating it into their curriculum. AND I ENVISION HOME STUDY GROUPS THROUGHOUT AMERICA USING IT TO STUDY THE TRUE ORIGINS OF AMERICA, AND PRAYING FOR ANOTHER GREAT AWAKENING IN OUR LAND.
If you would like to begin a group study using America’s Revival Heritage, I have posted a free Study Guide on my website just underneath where the book is posted. This Study Guide was designed to accompany the book and help facilitate a group study. You are welcome to copy it and share it with members of your study group. There are 7 chapters in the book and 7 in the Study Guide. I would suggest at least 10 sessions because you will certainly want to give more time to some chapters, especially chapter 6 which is the longest chapter and covers the actual founding of the nation. Check it out at http://www.eddiehyatt.com/bookstore.html.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776,
which at the very beginning, acknowledges that our rights
come from God, not from government. 


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