From the Book’s Preface

It was a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon as I got in my car and began the three-hour drive to Kingfisher, Oklahoma, where I would be speaking the following day for friends in the church they pastor. As I pulled onto the highway, my heart and mind—suddenly and unexpectedly—began to be flooded with hope that America could experience another Great Awakening.

I must confess that I had lost hope of America seeing another national revival. It seemed to me that “revival” had degenerated into the self-serving pursuit of sensational, religious phenomena, rather than a sincere seeking after God and His will and purpose. Revival, it seemed, had become a hyped, man-made, religious event rather than a Divine invasion from heaven. I could identify with the words of R. A. Torrey who, almost a century ago, had written,

  • "The most fundamental trouble with most of our present-day, so-called revivals is that they are man-made and not God sent. They are worked up (I almost said faked up) by man’s cunningly devised machinery—not prayed down." (R. A. Torrey, The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power, 228).

But as I drove along the highway that day, my hope for America was renewed. My heart was filled with fresh faith and hope for another Great Awakening that would revive and renew the churches of America, impact our culture, and stem the tide of secularism, immorality, and false religion that is flooding our land. 
Over the next months, as I prayerfully wrote, rewrote, and did further reading and research, I began to see something I had not seen before. I saw that there was a direct bearing of the First Great Awakening on the founding of the United States of America. Without the First Great Awakening there would have been no United States of America as we have known it. I could also see that without another national, Spiritual awakening the America we have known will cease to exist.

This book is sent forth with the prayer that God will use it to ignite a fresh fire of faith and boldness in His people, and through it that He will give our land another Great Awakening.  

Note from the Publisher: This book is expected to be released to the public around February 10, 2012. At that time it can be ordered at www.eddiehyatt.com/bookstore.html. If you would like to communicate with the author, his email is dreddiehyatt@gmail.com 

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