Democrats are frantic in their attempts to smear and discredit Brett Kavanaugh. He has been accused of every sordid sin imaginable, but so far nothing has been corroborated. Why the seething rage?
The answer is simple. For decades, the secularist liberals of this nation have relied on the courts to advance their social/political agenda. This has included everything from banning prayer and Bible reading from the public schools in the 1960s to the legalizing of abortion in the 1970s and the legalizing of same-sex marriage in 2015.
Unable to enact their anti-Christian, liberal policies through the elected representatives of the people, modern secularists have found liberal justices willing to overreach their constitutional authority. These justices have legislated from the bench by ruling on social and moral issues that should have been left to the elected representatives of the people.
Abraham Lincoln described the American government as being “of the people, by the people and for the people.” In recent times it has become a government of five people in black robes, i.e., the Supreme Court majority.
The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would mean a solid conservative majority of justices who believe justices should not legislate from the bench. They believe laws should be enacted by the representatives of the people and justices should merely interpret and apply those laws in individual cases.
This, of course, would be a major blow to the Left’s agenda to fundamentally transform this nation through the courts. They see their hope for power slipping away if Kavanaugh is confirmed. This is the real reason for the rage. Love of power!
As followers of Christ, we are not driven by a political agenda. We are taught to pray that His kingdom come, and His will be done in every situation (Matthew 6:10). That is my prayer for Judge Kavanaugh and this confirmation process. 

Dr. Eddie Hyatt has documented America's spiritual birth out of the Great Awakening in his book, Pilgrims and Patriots, available from Amazon and his website at www.eddiehyatt.com. He also conducts "America Reawakening"events, which is a stirring Powerpoint presentation based on his book and includes a call for Christians to pray and believe for another national, spiritual awakening.

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