REVIVE AMERICA was brought into existence to educate the church in America about this nation’s overt Christian origins and to issue a call for God’s people to pray for another Great Awakening in the land. Knowledge is power and in Hosea 4:6 God said, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because we have lacked knowledge of our history as a nation birthed out of Spiritual awakening, secularists have revised our history and are in the process of transforming America into a secularist, socialist, anti-Christian nation.
But there is hope! In 2010 I had a life-changing encounter with the Lord wherein I was shown that America “can” see another Great Spiritual Awakening. I also saw for the first time that there was a direct bearing between the First Great Awakening and the founding of this nation. That experience gave birth to my book, America’s Revival Heritage, published in 2012.
Revive America Events
I recently created a vivid PowerPoint presentation that highlights and documents America’s birth out of a Great Spiritual Awakening. I presented this for the first time in a Revive America Event at Abounding Grace Church in Schenectady/Albany, New York. It was a very powerful and significant time. I have included photos below.
If you would like to host a Revive American Event in your church, Bible school, fellowship or city, send me an email at dreddiehyatt@gmail.com. A Revive American Event includes the following themes:
1        How America was Birthed Out of a Great Spiritual Awakening
2.       The Original Vision of the First Immigrants to America
3.       The Loss of the Original Vision and its Rebirth through the Great Awakening
4.       The Message of the Preachers of the Great Awakening
5.       America’s Founders and How they Were Impacted by the Great Awakening

First “Revive America Event” in Schenectady/Albany, New York